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rock band in pleasanton, carock band in pleasanton, ca

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Chris Gattuso-Fish

Chris Gattuso-Fish - Vocals, Additional Percussion and Karma

Whether it’s crooning a ballad or powering up a rocker from dear Janis, Chris’s jaunty stage personality and voice can’t help but make you smile and want more. You won’t find a truer rock and roll diva anywhere, and it’s no surprise to anyone. Spice of life, heart and soul, rock and roll, Chris embraces it all and serves it up loud and proud.

Jeff Fish

Jeff Fish - Guitars and Good Vibrations

A consummate fan of great classic guitarists from Zappa to Hendrix, Jeff takes hold of his many influences and re-colors them with a classic flair through vintage instruments and amps. Whether grinding out a crunchy rhythm guitar tone, or soaring through sonic textures in a solo, you can still hear where he was drawn into it all years ago when he heard Ed Sullivan announce, “Ladies and Gentleman, The Beatles!”.

Bill Ziegler
Bill Ziegler -Drums, Percussion and Rock Steady Reality

It takes a cool multi-tasking dude to play anywhere near the level of talent that Bill has. Whether he’s tapping out conga drum rhythms behind acoustic guitars or full on shock wave hits over electric chords and mayhem, Bill’s talent to play on top of, behind or in front of the beat as needed is a real thrill. Besides that, he’s the guy you want standing with you if things get dicey. He’ll never let you down, and always keeps it on the beat, whether it’s pedal to metal or top notes on the tones.

Michael Fine
Michael Fine -Bass Guitar and Travel At The Speed Of Light

The fastest man on 4 strings isn’t an euphemism for speedy notes; Michael is a veteran pro race car driver when he’s not laying down the low frequency funk. Playing a classic Alembic bass most nights from the luthier that made his name making custom instruments for guys from Jerry Garcia to John Paul Jones, Michael’s groove is a pure tonal treat to the beat.

Greg Sutton

Greg Sutton - Guitars, Vocals and Sheer Profundity

Poetic in more ways than one, Greg’s bluesy guitar tones, vocal harmonies and lead guitar pyrotechnics come from years playing pro from Chicago to Key West. If you’re a music magazine reader, you may have enjoyed his alter ego writings and interviews with rock stars from Steve Miller to Matthew Sweet, or technical behind the scenes tomes on Robert Plant and the live recording of Eric Clapton’s First Crossroad Festival. If you ever end up in Romania, you might even hear a song or two he had something to do with on Romanian TV. Life is a carnival for sure!

Don Bott
Don Bott - Keyboards and “Did You Hear That Too? Wow!”

A much in demand two handed keys man, Don is a true sonic ninja when recreating classic keyboard sounds for delighted audiences. From pounding out a gritty Fender Rhoades piano solo to creating a synthesis of choir voices, he’s so good that we think he may be illegal in some states and keep John Grisham on retainer just in case of trouble. Don gigs with a number of bands in the Bay area, and we’re all as happy as Bill Clinton at a sorority sleep-over when he’s the man on the ivory with LunaFish.
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